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Nuclear drone "Poseidon" won ?: in the United States closed the program for the anti-torpedo protection of aircraft carriers

The US Navy's anti-torpedo protection program for aircraft carriers is closed

According to Defense News, the command of the US Navy made a decision on ship defense system projects using torpedo-interceptors. Such a system was recognized ineffective and decided to abandon it. Such a decision could be connected with the appearance in the armament of Russia of the nuclear underwater UAV "Poseidon", capable, when using a small nuclear warhead, to destroy an aircraft carrier in just a few minutes.

The publication says that the military experts who tested the ATTDS anti-torpedo protection system prototypes concluded that the system did not meet expectations. The systems were installed on the aircraft carriers "George Bush", "Harry Truman", "Nimitz", but before the 2023, they will be dismantled.

The ATTDS system, developed by American specialists since 2010, includes a sonar system, interceptor torpedoes and false acoustic targets AN / SLQ-25 Nixie. Being installed on three aircraft carriers, it began to be tested from 2013 year.

To suspend the program, the command of the United States Naval Forces decided in September 2018. This was done after examining the system test reports. By that time, about 760 million dollars had already been spent on it. Currently, the final decision on the curtailment of the project.