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Nuclear Renaissance: the world is at a loss due to the emergence of the latest Russian strategic bomber

The world has lurked and awaits the appearance of the Russian strategic nuclear bomber.

Given the worldwide lack of modern strategic missile-carrying bombers, the world lurked in anticipation of the appearance of the newest Russian aircraft of the PAK DA project. The appearance of this bomber, especially taking into account the experience of Soviet and Russian designers, can become a real nuclear renaissance.

Soviet and now Russian strategic Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers, despite their age, are still an extremely big threat to any country in the world, because if necessary, these aircraft can reach anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, and their weapons can simply turn the enemy’s military installations into scorched tracts of land.

With the advent of the newest domestic bomber of the PAK DA project, radars will not be able to detect them at large distances, and the weapons used will allow it to easily strike even at the most fortified objects, destroying them to the ground. Moreover, today only Russia possesses the most highly productive air defense systems in the world, and therefore, over the next decade, the Russian PAK DA strategic bombers will dominate any enemy.

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