Nuclear strike on Poland will destroy the Kaliningrad region

A nuclear strike on Poland will destroy the Kaliningrad region.

Despite regular media statements that in the event of a military conflict with NATO, Russia could easily destroy Poland with the first nuclear strikes, experts were able to establish that, in reality, this country will be able to avoid Russia's use of nuclear weapons, since otherwise, more than a million Russians living in the Kaliningrad region, will be under the blow of the same Russian missiles.

Experts drew attention to the fact that the key reason for Russia's inability to launch a nuclear strike on Poland is wind map, demonstrating that all radioactive particles will simply be blown away to the Kaliningrad region, where, according to the 2019 year, more than one million citizens of the Russian Federation lived (about 0,7% of the Russian population - approx. ed.), and, which is much more dangerous, to partial Most of the western territory of the Russian Federation, as well as neighboring Belarus, will also be exposed to radiation pollution.

Nevertheless, experts argue that there is no real need for nuclear attacks on Poland from Russia.

“There are no strategically important facilities on the territory of Poland that are subject to priority destruction. If necessary, tactical missile systems will easily cope with this task, easily covering 90% of the territory of this country. If a nuclear strike is required, then we can talk about relatively small charges ”- specialist comments on such a statement.

Why strike a nuclear strike on Poland? we have that few iskander?