Nuclear weapons


Japan threatens Russia with the blow of thousands of nuclear bombs and missiles

Japan threatens Russia with a nuclear strike of thousands of bombs and missiles.

Despite the fact that Japan officially does not possess nuclear weapons and cannot have them in its armament, the Russian news outlet Vzglyad reported that, in fact, Japan already has nuclear fuel, which Tokyo threatens to turn into nuclear weapons and to bring down on the territory of Russia - we are talking about the creation of thousands of nuclear bombs and missiles.

“Under the pretext of developing nuclear power plants, the“ hiding ”Japan managed to accumulate nuclear fuel, whose reserves are enough to create six thousand bombs. To produce one nuclear warhead, about 8 kg of plutonium is needed. The Japanese also have a growing desire to play a more active role in the international arena and challenge the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Despite the fact that the country is forbidden to develop nuclear weapons, it has taken a leading position in the world in the use of nuclear technology and entered the top ten countries in terms of combat readiness. ", - reports "Look", Citing Chinese information publications.

How objective such a threat is is unknown, but Japan has repeatedly threatened Russia to solve the same issue with Russia's transfer of the Kuril Islands to the sovereignty of the country with the help of both political and military pressure (through US involvement - approx. Ed.), Which causes a lot of questions from experts.


We have ants, of course, not many, but we have a large anthill !!!

One rocket Ball or Bastion from Kunashir is enough to wash them away 50 meter wave!

"Tokyo threatens to be turned into a nuclear weapon" and there will be at least one reference to the name of the Japanese?

... a short memory does not contribute to longevity ... not only that, Russia is comparable in area with Japan, like a giant aircraft carrier with a basin, and if parades can even be held on the deck of a carrier, God forbid sitting still in a basin, not to mention swing a katana ... if something happens in Japan, the sea will be with rocks and shoals ... I don’t know if this will suit the states, but the Japanese themselves will hardly be happy ... well, and the last thing with brains a hundred years will be, as they try to beg for a couple of islands, and this idea is fixed (there is no real expediency d), and what kind of transfer of islands to Japan AT ALL can be discussed with nuclear threats ...

A pair of Poseidons and Japan will be washed into the ocean in a place with its ammunition, but the ocean will be highly radioactive for 100 years. The Americans have already tried to stop the enrichment of nuclear fuel by Japan and washed away Fukushima. The Japanese now seem to be friends with us, but with such friends we don’t need enemies either.

After the Japanese launch missiles with nuclear warheads across Russia, the Japanese will not suffer - they will simply disappear.

seems to have forgotten Hiroshima and Nagasaki so there will be many more similar cities in Russia you can also answer

What are you saying !!!. Our country has never done this, and we have nothing to repeat. The use of nuclear weapons can only be justified to save the nation. So using its savages (Pindos and their henchmen) will lead to the death of the entire planet. And you can crush the Japs in other ways

It’s bad when the nation is sick and the memory is short, the Americans showed in the case of the Kurds that they can bite and how they smell fried — they are in the bushes, the Japanese must learn to learn from the mistakes of others, even some Europeans have already understood this.

We want to live in harmony, but are the Japanese really against it? After the launch of the bombs, the Japanese will also suffer. Or big politicians don't care. They hope to sit out somewhere. Naive and greedy.

For crimes during the 2 World War, Japan didn’t have enough 2 bombs to drop. It was necessary to drive them into the Stone Age, so that they could only be able to do axes. Japanese and Chinese should be our enemies and should be treated accordingly

Natalia what to repeat? The Americans threw nuclear bombs on them ... And we defeated the Kwantung Army, which led to the surrender of Japan.

Count aspen in your throat. What are you going to repeat, 41 year?

A short memory is a bad helper. Review the archives of the Russo-Japanese War. Japan does not want Russia to be evil. But the residents of Russia should remember the Russian proverb: "Don't be dashing while it is quiet"

I always said that if a mess ensues between someone and someone, then Japan will be hit nuclear. Why Japan? Because it doesn’t matter, it has already been dealt.


"repeat" you need a course of treatment

Hatchery again? With these cross-eyed fascists? We are too optimistic. Past miscalculations would not be repeated. Disarm like reptiles urgently needed.

Nechkina, wake up! 11

do they want Russian wars? modern ones, apparently yes ... we can repeat statements, in Berlin, only a consolidated society can express .... yes, you, the first to be obsessed for the last time at the sight of a flying vigorous louse.

The great "humanist-democrat" Academician Andryusha Sakharov (aka Sakharevich, aka Zuckerman) proposed to wash away half of the United States with a surge wave from the explosion of a nuclear torpedo at the mouth of the Misipisi River. Why not wash away the squint-eyed tsunami from the explosion of the Zuckerman torpedo into the ocean-sea?

Complete nonsense. Between reactor fuel and weapons-grade plutonium, the difference is greater than between a slipper and an airplane. But if they quietly enriched uranium, it’s really unpleasant. But the forces are too unequal, the idea of ​​such attacks is unlikely to really arise.

Well, probably the Sea of ​​Japan will still remain ...

The dangerous country was left by the Americans for good reason in such proximity to our borders in a state of wolf anger. No matter how many charges the Japanese have, no matter how much damage they try to inflict, Japan alone will have enough Poseidon. After two, only mountains will remain. Why do the Japanese themselves? Unfortunately, politicians are not even the nation itself.

20 kilotons to the Japanese did not seem enough. Now they want to get something bigger, most likely 50-100 megatons for each large island. Let them write an application!

Who is the non-professional journalist (to put it mildly) writing this? Where is this "edition of the View reported that Tokyo threatens" to create nuclear weapons?
According to the link, in the article "Gaze" it is written that the "CHINESE edition of Sohu" calls to be vigilant about the presence of nuclear fuel in Japan, but nothing about the threat of Tokyo.

Are you american

we will answer once and once

What to repeat? We didn’t bomb them, we just filled them with a bayonet face.

How much can you listen and watch what is happening in the circle of Russia, it is time to bend all this shushera through the knee.

it once again convinces me what kind of Japs are blunt-handed ......

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not enough for them. We can repeat it.

Short memory is a bad helper!
Council to the citizens of the Japanese islands. Review your newsreel Aug / Sept. 1945 year. Remember the fate of the cities of HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. Russia does not want Japan to be evil, but the inhabitants of the islands should know the Russian proverb: "Do not be dashing while it is quiet."

Having tried it once and understood how bitingly it was decided to play roulette. Cute Japanese, grow rice, look at sakura. Live. Why are you in a hurry to another world.

Do we still have a war with the Japs? wiping 50% of these narrow-eyed into dust is the right decision

How many states already threaten us with military actions? I remembered one episode from the movie "Optimistic Tragedy". There the commissar shot one anarchist who tried to stick to her with the words: "Who else wants a commissar's body"? This question can be asked to everyone who wants to receive something from Russia without its consent.

Interestingly, and Japan will exist after otvetki?

"Japan threatens Russia with a nuclear strike of thousands of bombs and missiles." referring to the View speaks on behalf of Japan about a thousand bombs and missiles. True, no one saw bombs and missiles from them. And no one heard Japan with this threat. But there is vigorous fuel! Well, it must be ... There is a glance, so there is fuel. And here Leonid, by the way! He offered to take and lay several Poseidons under Japan. And then what are they, They scared the look with a load ...

There will be neither Hiroshima nor Nagosaki nor any Japan as a whole. The history of fools does not teach anything.

To know little of Hiroshima !!!

Japan has the sixth fleet in the world, so do not throw hats. But I think that a few "Poseidons" in the event of aggression by the kamikaze can reset Japan itself.

One is enough for them: there is a rift along the islands. In the twentieth century, they even made a movie "on the theme": "The Death of Japan". There, however, natural eruptions began. But they can be summoned by Poseidon ... There will be enough relics.

And all this Japs will carry on themselves, sailing from island to island and straits, history will write it in the GUINNESS book, like an anonymous swim in kamikaze, and RUSSIAN border guards will go to the shooting range to destroy radioactive waste floating in the sea !!!

Lay several Poseidons under Japan and send them sailing across the Pacific Ocean to the USA.