Japan sent aircraft carriers to the Russian Kuril Islands - the situation is becoming very dangerous

American aircraft carriers headed in the direction of the Russian "disputed" islands.

The Kuril Islands, which are under Russian sovereignty, which Japan considers "controversial" and until recently threatened to take them away from Russia by force, are now in potential danger, as Japan sent an American carrier group led by the aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" to them to demonstrate Russian strength.

At the moment, it is known that the aircraft carrier has begun to move to the island of Hokkaido, however, given the nearby Russian islands, which neither Japan nor the United States of America recognize to Russia, this could threaten a serious aggravation of the situation in the coming days and even hours.

"The American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which called at the Japanese port of Yokosuka for a short pit stop, from August 01, together with part of the ships of its marching order, began a smooth movement north to the island of Hokkaido, which should already alert the defenders of the southern islands of the Kuril ridge.", - about it сообщает "Telegram" - "Operative Line" channel.

According to some reports, Russian warships and aircraft located in this region have already begun to track the movements of the American aircraft carrier and strike group, preparing for immediate action in the event of the slightest threats and provocations.

First, let Hokkaido be returned, Russia had staked it out earlier.

Send our ships to Alaska and say we do not recognize their sovereignty.

Don't say for one and a half percent, go and put it on or have you prepared a white flag?

Thank you, neighing. Take up the defensive position and expect "reinforcements" from US aircraft carriers. Their "Donald Cook" somehow stuck into the Crimea .... Then in the Rymyn port, wet diapers were lowered from the board. So you will be shipped as "reinforcement". And the aircraft carrier will be more than a destroyer. Count how "you will refresh yourself"!

You're right, all empires fall apart. The United States has already come to this. ))))))))))))))))))))

At first I took your joke, reduced to the point of absurdity, seriously.
But seriously - how the aircraft carriers helped - in Vietnam, Iraq, etc. - there are too many examples.
With our power, we ourselves will decide without "helpers", otherwise after them everything disappears

Amer aircraft carriers became expensive to maintain, so they decided to write off the aircraft carriers))

My dear, your inflamed Wishlist (purely business) is passing off as an acute wishful thinking. Do not dirty Russia with your language.

Then we still have a lot of time ahead, because we still need to become an empire before falling apart

Why not fall apart for the start of the Pezano tower

Wash America to fall apart faster, all the signs are on the face, the coming year will show!

So go to Japan and America, since everything is bad here.

Invented for himself about beggars. Himself apparently from the beggars and want to see the rest like that. Who does not work He does not eat, that's the whole truth. There is a lot of work in Russia and whoever wants to will always find it and earn it. No one will dare to approach the shores, no matter how they consider their legality, neither the Kuriles, nor the Crimea. All the military know about this. Everything else is chatter.

Yes, only because on "... fire boats ..." such "... super EW installations ..." are not installed. These are "fire boats"!

China is also an empire, and in a much worse CONDITION, in this respect, than Russia. Signs of the US collapse are visible with an EVEN more NON-ARMED look. And Japan, by the way, is also an EMPIRE, simply DIE OUT.

and where you want to go to America or Japan, go, just don't touch Russia, we won't let you.

We already fell apart, now it's America's turn

Not when their time does not come and do not hope, but there are only one signs - the revival of the former might of Russia, which was and always will be.

like all empires, the United States will be the first to end its existence

Your Israel will fall apart

Japan sent an American fleet ????


Give away someone else's, this applies to both Ukraine and Belarus, give back the primordially Russian territories ...

What do you see with the naked eye, the signs of what collapse?

Alex of the USSR - this was the Russian Empire, it was destroyed, there is nothing to fall apart, and no one will give ...

And why are you shyly silent about the States !?

Japan has sent aircraft carriers ... and then the tail wags the dog! In fact, Japan is still an OCCUPIED country by the USA! And one shouldn't naively consider its foreign policy to be at least a gram independent ...

Japan sent aircraft carriers .... You don't need to read further.

Yes, it sounds like the servant ordered the owner-)))

Russia is no longer an empire enough password nonsense

"Japan sent an American carrier group to them ..." ??????

Stupid article - Japan sent American (!) Aircraft carriers to the Kuril coast. So, what is next? Nothing - the American aircraft carrier will quietly and peacefully chat near Hokkaido and go home.

And all this will happen because of people like you.

tickle the nerves .. taste the taste .. look at what they are capable of .... Russia has neither friends nor allies

Who would have doubted, the amendments to the constitution were trinated!

Are China and Japan not empires?

You have already been repeatedly told that you are more likely to fall apart than Russia and you are all itching to think about.

ha ha, really scary? and they crossed the coastal border? ball as a gift to them, I wonder who will leave.

Yes, they would have taken it faster. If only the inhabitants of the Kuril Islands would be happy for themselves!

The author is a science fiction writer. Even the Sangar Strait is international waters, but the leadership of the US Navy is generally cool ...

You're right, Japan and the US will fall apart

Our great friends Japan and the United States are sitting in Moscow.

Like all empires, Russia will collapse sooner or later. Some signs are visible to unarmed eyes. Then the time will come for Japan and China ,,,

Let them float. Hokkaido is part of Japan. Nothing is pumped. Well, except for such articles. If they zarlyvut in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, we will ask politely back. They won't believe it. Let's show them what "chimney whistle" is

a case to test "Dagger"

Well said. Travels, write. Good luck.

We will deal with the authorities and propaganda ourselves. We will sink the aircraft carrier.

The Japanese probably taught history poorly in Hiroshima and Nagasaki NOW WILL BE DIFFERENT ALL I PONY WILL GO UNDER WATER LIKE THIS

You gave it away))) Now you live))

"... Japan sent an American carrier group ..." after that I did not read further.

only an American could write that! I live in the seaside, and I am absolutely not drawn to Japan, but I have been there many times.

... "will be asked to secede from Russia." ...
Out of the frying pan into the fire.
Remember - the west always pulls chestnuts out of the fire
by someone else's hands.

In 2019 he traveled across Russia, visited Sakhalin, Fr. Kunashir and Shikotan. The nature is amazing. I talked a lot with the locals about life on the islands. They live much better than the inhabitants of central Russia. The infrastructure is actively developing on the islands, the salaries of state employees are very, very decent. And no one is going to move to mainland Russia. Only children for training and, as a rule, come back. And they do not have any thoughts about passing under the sovereignty of Japan. And Russia will never give the Kuril Islands to anyone ...

Amendments to the Constitution have already been adopted.
Not only the peoples of the eastern part of Russia were too late to secede, but also all the peoples of Russia, and the provocateurs who want to secede from Russia with the help of the United States will be imprisoned.

A good opportunity for our BRAV, fleet and aviation to conduct RTU on the conditional destruction of the enemy's real AMG.

Since when has the United States not recognized that smokers belong to Russia?

One question is possible!
As we are told we have a super electronic warfare rig right?!? ;
Why not use this from a fire boat and accidentally let half of the carrier group fall to the bottom !?

And I always thought that it was America that controlled Japan, and not vice versa - "since Japan sent an American aircraft carrier group to them" Just imagine, a Japanese general comes on the deck of an American aircraft carrier and sends them to the South Kuriles ..

Our country fought for its smaller territories. The government needs to move military formations closer to the islands and announce this. There will probably even be a "cataclysm" that could take away half of the population of Japan. After all, they have "nowhere to live". Of course, we will get it too, but it will be impossible for the aggressor to cover the entire territory of Russia with missiles. It should be remembered about Pearl Harbor, and at the same time Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, OUR BIG FRIENDS, accustomed to raking in the heat with the wrong hands, count on weakening Russia.

"The Kuril Islands, which are under the sovereignty of Russia ..." You are somehow crooked, the author. Actually, it should sound something like this: the Kuril Islands, the Far Eastern territory of Russia, ... Somehow, or close to this.

The error is not a mistake, but the essence remains the essence. And if this is really the case, then it is worth repeating the version with Donald Cook in the Black Sea. Let a good half of the aircraft carrier's crew quit!))) This is so, so far soft power!)))

Russian propaganda is trying to deceive the Russian people again. The Russian authorities are afraid of strikes, rallies for their rights, against poverty and misery. against the arbitrariness of the authorities of Moscow and the Kremlin. US aircraft carriers can provide assistance to the population of the eastern part of Russia, if they ask for political asylum from Japan and self-determination, separation from Russia. The United States knows and understands this, and the Russian government is fooling around, because it is afraid of losing the territory and the slaves of the eastern part of Russia themselves.

The main thing is that ours would understand - where is the aircraft carrier, and where is Japan. That would not be confused in a hurry ...

Are you kozhna "lapotniki" zombified with Kisel soot? Soon there will be nothing to eat, and the "cigarette butt" has imperial manners in its sore head. Give away someone else's and live like a human.

Don't do this .... Heroshima and Nagasaki have gone through this and are going through, God forbid anyone !! The word disputed territory must be changed once and for all .... The territory of RUSSIA !!
Stop beating around the bush and giving hope that we will give up these territories .... No !!

Yes and forward. The sea is common. We have Bastion and C 400 on the islands. So it won't add any tension to us

Japan currently has one aircraft carrier. There will be two soon. In violation of the demilitarization treaty, by both the United States and Japan.

Yes, Japan does not have full-fledged aircraft carriers. But Japan has 4 destroyer-helicopter carriers - ships that, unfortunately, Russia already does not have.

Complete nonsense. Our missile systems are already on the Kuril Islands, which the American fleet simply cannot approach. No warships, including aircraft carriers, are protected from our weapons in that area.

So the yellow-faced rice beetles despise GDP and their capabilities surpass Putin's army, as in 1905.

will not frighten, they are already vaccinated. And in general they wave a nuclear club when there is nothing more to threaten.

We have Bastion and S-400 there, so they can't get close

Better once conflict than constant squabble

to the buffer zone can. scary themselves, the United States stuck. bases need to be built there, and not to catch money offshore. 15 percent should. it is necessary to build on them. we are marking time, first forward, and backward.

NATO ships regularly sail around our borders, and not any danger, but the Japanese are state wasals, this is just hype, window dressing, we see this often, for Japan this operation "Harakiri" will become fatal, and the states will limit themselves to regular sanctions

Japan has probably forgotten the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American bombers with atam bombs? It can be recalled that only Japan will lose its statehood, and the US AUG may very likely be destroyed along with the aircraft carrier, which is destroyed by two or three "Calibers"! Plus Americans have forgotten about Paseidon, it can come to life any moment!

Well, yes, it's cool ... and after a preemptive strike we will also become allies. They seem to like it.)))))))) 0

maybe they're on their way to clean up New York, "so closer."

Didn't Putin personally declare this? And in our strategy there is such as preemptive strikes with tactical nuclear weapons.

a maize with a khibiny and a water cannon with two hummingbirds, and we all won.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki - reception centers for nuclear warheads

There is absolutely nothing to worry about! There is a foreign system. It is under water in automatic mode if it is not subject to requests for torpedo codes, very powerful torpedoes will work and destroy any aircraft carrier!

Forgot World War II? How much grief there was! The crazy top is being played, but ordinary people will suffer again.

They just don't need aircraft carriers

Only Washington and New York, my friend, so that everyone knows in advance where the answer will be and think.

why not, there is a UDC with F 35. As sad as it sounds, but our Pacific Fleet is a bug, in comparison with the Japanese, and maybe the whole

The author is good with humor, let's laugh.

until the US really drowns - they will shit wherever possible. and the Japanese, like sixes at the boss, earn extra money.

What does it mean - "the United States does not recognize"? It was the United States that recognized, when it signed the surrender of Japan together with representatives of Great Britain and the USSR, that South Sakhalin and the Kuril ridge would become the property of the USSR. Let them raise the documents, everything is clearly written there. If the Americans want to violate the terms of surrender, this is a completely different story.

Let them come closer. Arrange live-fire drills. Who did not hide, we are not to blame!

It is easier to sink an aircraft carrier, or at least spoil everything that is possible on it, disable all the electronics, so that not only computers, but also everyone's wristwatches stop, constantly keep the entire crew of the ship at bay by practicing missile strikes, imitate the seizure of the ship etc.

Why repeat America's mistakes, I am about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you just need to take your own, for example, Alaska!

Americans know if they poke their heads into Russia the planet will come as the existence of all mankind

Let the Japanese send the US aircraft carrier. We don't have a fleet, of course. But, with a nuclear power, no one will fight.

At 45 it seemed a little ...

The bald one WILL BE FORCED to fight on 2 or 3. or maybe 4 fronts, and of course they WILL BEATED! -------- The people will not help! -------- Most of the PEOPLE OF RUSSIA will oppose the Kremlin.

Let them immediately send them to the metal warehouse ...

In the event of an attack, bomb the inhabited islands of Japan, not their Kuril Islands.

Everyone urgently needs to start being afraid ...

Has Japan sent somewhere (in this case, to the Kuril Islands) an American aircraft carrier group? Are they already subordinate to Japan? Long?

Japan has no aircraft carriers

It must be understood that the Japanese ordered the US to attack the Russian Federation? Or did the author "have a mistake"?

If they want to turn into nuclear ashes, then kindly ask.

The islands are not "controversial" at all. Russian islands, period.

As well as Washington and New York.

Cho dangerous? Have you violated the border? And they won't.

Life is not sweet to someone?

What for? This is in our military doctrine, which is not at all secret.

Why not declare that in the event of an attack on the islands, Russia reserves the right to launch a nuclear strike on Hiroshima and Nagosaki?