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Japan proposed to declare war on Russia and return all the Kuril Islands

In Japan, they decided to take absolutely all of the Kuril Islands from Russia.

The head of the Communist Party of Japan, Kazuo Shii, made a harsh statement in which he demanded that all the Kuril Islands be taken from Russia in general, using all possible political instruments of pressure. According to Sii, for this it is enough to annul all existing peace treaties, as a result of which Russia will have to return the entire group of the Kuril Islands under the sovereignty of Japan, and not just four, or, as was later stated, two islands.

“As part of the Japanese-Russian negotiations on the territorial issue, Russia rejected the idea of ​​Prime Minister Abe to transfer the two islands. As a result, we were confronted with the fact that Japan made forced concessions, postponing its past diplomatic position with a demand for the transfer of the four islands. It is necessary to correct this injustice and annul the peace treaty, which recognizes the rejection of the Tishima archipelago (group of the Kuril Islands - approx. Ed.) ”, - said in a statement the head of the Communist Party of Japan.

Analysts, in turn, note that if Japan really wants to break all existing peace treaties, this will mean that Moscow and Tokyo will be in a state of military confrontation, which leaves Russia with the right to use military measures, which is quite obvious are not ready to go to Tokyo.

Well, then they decided to decide, what next?

A couple of 2Mt Vanguard in Tokyo - and immediately there are no 30 million. A couple more in Osaka - not another 20 million. Nnnada islands?



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