Prime Minister of Japan


Japan: Putin wanted problems and can get them

Japanese Prime Minister made another provocative statement.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a sensational statement about the intention to revise the Constitution with a view to redefining the status of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan. In fact, we are talking about Japan’s intention to build up military power and determine a plan for further actions in the territories that this country considers controversial, including the southern Kuril Islands, on which Russia deployed its military equipment, including combat aircraft, anti-ship complexes and air defense equipment.

“As the commander-in-chief of the Self Defense Forces, I intend to make every effort to protect the Japanese people and their peaceful life, passing this legacy to the next generation”- CGTN TV channel quoted the Japanese premiere.

According to analysts of Japanese media, Shinzo Abe intends to revise the country's Constitution in order to exert political and, possibly, military pressure on Russia. The extent to which the proposal of the Prime Minister of Japan will be supported is still unknown, but recently relations between Russia and the Land of the Rising Sun have seriously cooled.

Experts, in turn, believe that if Japan really intends to engage in rearming its own army, then Russia will also increase its military power on the eastern frontiers, and in this case Japan can begin serious problems.

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Do you even know what happened in Fukushima? There was an accident at the nuclear power plant. Which incidentally occurred in 2011 because of the earthquake. Why are there the US? The riddle.

If you did not know Japan did not declare war on the USSR. On the contrary, after the capitulation of the Reich, it was the USSR that declared war on Japan by agreement with the allies, which was concluded after the Yalta conference. And yes, if any state is an ally of another, it does not declare war to another, only because their allies are fighting. Yes, there was an agreement between Japan and the Reich about a war against the USSR, but only in cases of the Union’s attack on the Reich. And the opposite happened. Learn history!

Here, only there is a problem. Port Arthur (which is not now, and this is now a district of the city of Dalian) is a Chinese city.

Tell us about how great it is))) where the doctor works for 10000 dollars, and for 60000 rubles, as a result, the US GDP takes into account 10000 dollars, and we have 1000, although the service is essentially identical. And ostensibly after this, the US economy in 10 is more))

This has already been a confrontation ...

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Even as needed! First is the living spaces! And for Japan it's like air! Secondly - this is the economy! Having transferred the islands, we will move the two hundred-mile economic zone deep into Russian territory, both into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and into the Pacific Ocean! And this is a great loss for Russia in bio-resources and minerals! Enough, Shevardnadze, before the collapse of the Union, moved the economic zone off the Aleutian Islands. Russia lost only in 100 bioresources million dollars per year !!!

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Thanks, neighing))) Gazprom is now worth 60 billion dollars, 15 years ago was worth 2 times more expensive, Rosneft fell 4 times over 15 years. All have long been plundered and further stolen. And yes, I forgot to say that Gazprom’s debts to banks of decaying “pendos and geyropy” are about 38 billion dollars and Gazprom is not able to pay them off. In order to pay only interest on the debt this year, they had to issue bonds that nobody wanted to buy (knowing their financial condition), the Non-State Pension Funds from above issued an instruction to buy from the bond, which they did for the sum of 38 million dollars.
I won’t say anything about Google, but I know that Apple is now valued at 1 trillion, and they don’t have many buildings either, though there are 600 billion in bank accounts, i.e. they can buy 10 Gazprom.

Petya, I support. And they say something, and what to do with it and do not know ...

Dear commentators!
Dial. Please, two words on the Internet: Pravdinform Simkin - 11 articles will fall out, some of which are unconditional evidence - why it is impossible to transfer the territory of Russia under the jurisdiction of any state. The author has published about 20 articles in the central legal journals on the theory of international law, including the Kuriles.

Japan, being an ally of Hitler's Germany, by default declared war on the USSR 22 on June 1941 of the year, did not recognize defeat in August on 1945 of the year, therefore the Soviet Army ended the war on the islands in Japan.


I completely agree. I would give the Kuriles for free use on the condition that there are no US military bases on them and the development of infrastructure (roads, communications, a full production cycle, and not screwdriver assemblies, as it is now in the Russian Federation). The people are talented and there are not so many of them as the Chinese at least ... And since the policy “neither to itself nor to people” from the side of all other inhabitants of the planet Earth looks like a goof.

Japan wanted problems and can get them.

It's amazing how a country under American occupation can still make some complaints.

Between these islands we have access to the Pacific Ocean, even as needed.

You'd better read the story. 8 August 45go.

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If there are names, then it is written by a fighting cock before being sent to the soup. Crowed - and the hero?

Right now, I will call Shinzo Abe, let him read it, otherwise he doesn’t even know about it.

what are you squandering state lands, have you conquered these lands?

Announce - announced, and then accepted the surrender (unconditional) and offered to conclude a peace treaty. I draw your attention to the USSR, and offered on their own free will. Although, as a winner, I did not have to. However, this is a peace treaty, like a suitcase without a handle: it doesn’t seem to be necessary, but it’s a pity to throw it out.

I agree completely.

Forced to disappoint you, in 45, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and not the other way around.

Yes, Russia and Japan do not need these islands, but as soon as they turn to the Japanese, American troops will immediately appear there. In the Crimea, it did not work out, because they want to win back here. They are driven into the door, they climb out the window.

I don’t want to upset you, but here’s what a situevina is: Japan did not attack the USSR. China attacked, fought with the United States.

you shouldn't think abe most likely look around at everything that happens and don’t want to lag behind everything else, they have a real problem that is brewing and it’s necessary to solve well and knowing the Japanese we can assume that they use all the methods

Suppose the Japanese are also settled in the Far East, and then only the Chinese, Russia itself will never arrange these territories, but the Japanese will bring a different mentality, work, not steal and live well, and today's politics is rotten, neither to themselves nor to others

It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister of Japan makes such statements. Japan cannot change its constitution in a part of the country's armed forces without UN consent. And the probability of such agreement is extremely small, almost impossible. And Japan will have to negotiate with Russia and with China, and not with the West. A political statement in the interests of the West, the Prime Minister of Japan can make any. This is his right. But it is very unfortunate that he makes such statements.

Mr. Shinzo Abe, you apparently forgotten how the Kuril Islands got into the USSR ??? It was not the Soviet Union that attacked Japan, but the opposite: Japan attacked the USSR. The Kuril Islands became a war trophy after the end of the Great Patriotic War for us, and the Second World War for you. You have no offense for anyone, against anyone, against yourself.

Concern Matsushito electric, the third financial and industrial power group, one of the pillars of the Japanese economy. But in the property of the concern itself, only 50 storey building !!! All industrial facilities are scattered across countries and continents, including the Russian Federation and the United States. And as accessories for this concern, makes half the world. So who has the third largest economy in the world? .................. The Google building costs 10 yards, the most capitalized company in the world! More expensive than Gazprom! But Gazprom has industrial facilities, gas pipelines, factories, facilities, gas, at last. And what about Google? So gentlemen are good, do not soar the brain to the people .... all these figures are just a method of calculation, nothing more.

Arthur, they say the same: beats mean loves! So here they are perverts in many ways, so you have to fuck them and not try to make friends with them. cherosim and nagasaki please and America is provided with love to the grave from Japan.

Yes, America to help them! Arthur, she has helped them in Herosim and in Nagasaks and Fukushima, and now she will not leave them without care and affection!

Apparently the Pindos decided to let the samurai brake off, in war any means are good .. it seems time to remind them, to show the photo of General Pliev ..

I think that we should take and preferably those where it is warmer. And it is better not to wait when they themselves offer. Show on TV a tube with OV and forth for the warm islands.

Lost Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It seems that they require the continuation of the banquet, now from us. And then we will be their best friends. So far only merikansy.

We don’t need these territories, anyway, we’ll never equip them and soon the Chinese will chop off the floor of Russia ... You just need to dispose of them rationally - to offer the Japanese to remove all US bases from their territory, to sign agreements that if Japan breaks this agreement, then Russia has the full right to its occupation! Do you agree ??? Not??? Well, and then we do not agree - it would be proposed, and we do not refuse - bash, on bash !!!

It would be necessary to force these Japs-crumbs to collect those intsifalitnyh ticks which they threw in the USSR, but Port Arthur to return. They would then forget about the disputed terretorii. Only Russia is silent about this!

Vadim, you do not even think about doing or saying so that they would become disagreeing with something! After all, they will cut themselves off, and we have lost such exotic things. After all, no one canceled sepuku from them. Maybe we will have to watch it anyway, because of disagreement with Russian politics. And they will remain only in the pictures!

I'll go look for a magnifying glass. And then something I can not find this Japan.
Do not burst the asses of the Japanese surge? After all, Japan’s state debt is the highest in the world. More than 13 trillion dollars. Over 105000 dollars per capita. In addition to these problems, natural intensifying powerful cataclysms are predicted. Earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. But the main problem is the aging population. Japan is one of the most mononational states. No influx of migrants.
And one more thing. Whether vryat Japan will go against Russia. Most likely, she is preparing for a confrontation with China. There, too, the Japanese have big problems. Historically, Japan is a very militant country. And constantly she attacked. For which she constantly received pi.dyuley. But China, on the contrary, never attacked anyone, but always suffered from wars.
Russia and China can easily take Japan into the transport blockade. Cut off all the way for oil and gas tankers. And the bases in Okinawa Japan will not help.
Japan currently has a lot of problems of various kinds.
Japan could economically cooperate with Russia. And it would be beneficial to both countries. But they are very proud nation. Behave like true samurai. Although this does not prevent them from "taking by the cheek" from the United States, which dropped two atomic bombs.
In general, the samurai, but in essence are geishas.

Strange occupation, 3_a world economy.

Japan is a country for Pindos, a type of slave. whose economy is more powerful than Russia. Yeah.

War is a forceful way of conducting politics. Politics - the tip of the economy. And the economy is a business activity. Business is a redistribution of property. There is not a single Russian who has enough property for war in Japan.

What a strange people ....., used to say one Cossack.
With bare heels jumped on a piece

Well, that was required to prove! Not by hook or by crook. No negotiations, agreements "niponov" will not calm down with their claims "to the northern territories, and in the assignment with the islands will require southern Sakhalin, until they feel an absolute NO in this matter and no joint half-measures.

And our idiots doctrines at the request of the Japs in the Far East turned.

Nuclear weapons will always remain a deterrent. Especially for Japan, which has experienced its power on itself!

... years, the brain is not that, nerves are naughty - in its place it is necessary to prepare for retirement, and not to provoke samurai to repeat the national "feat" of 1945 of the year ...

They know, even as they know, they simply write to the general tune

The Japs simply dream to sleep and see how to give a couple of the three islands to Russia

What is the difference between Russian and Japanese? .......
Theme that the Russians BEFORE PREVIZE the US for the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ............

But the argument.

Here is the pug! Know she is strong! Kohl barks at the elephant.

Whoever comes to us with a sword, will leave with a sword in a hop. But epontsy our sayings do not know

Coming big economic redistribution. Atomic-Nuclear weapons are no longer a factor!

At the end of the Second World War, Japan signed the act of surrender. Since then, the islands belong to Russia! Japanese on the island is not allowed under any pretext or appearance. Nor any joint activities with them on the islands. Trust the Japanese can not. All Japanese burials withdraw from the islands and transfer to Japan. Strengthen military power on the islands so that the Japs have knees for fear of their knees. As much as we can develop these islands. Japan should know that there will be no revision of ownership of these islands.

They are not tired? West bow?

As they decide in Washington, they will do it in Tokyo! Abe must stop pretending to be the head of independent Japan! And then he will lose face, and this is a disaster for a samurai!

Who is Japan? Occupied territory under the protectorate of the Pindos. Even two square meters, immediately go under the Pindos. And kosorylye rifles want to indulge in vain, History does not teach?

Atomic bomb they were beaten. Did not help. Maybe hydrogen try?

It is forbidden for Japan. Russia, in response, can easily continue the war, since it is not over and exhaust the question of the final unconditional surrender of Japan.

Economic losses in the case of the transfer of even a couple of tens of square meters of islands to the Japanese in scale may turn out to be no less significant than the military-strategic ones. For only the nominal recognition of any territories for Japan will entail a review of economic zones. And it is precisely in areas of disputed territories (from the point of view of the Japs) that there are the most delicious places for fishing for various bioresources.
So it is necessary to strengthen and develop the Far East. And protect. That is, to pre-organize everything that is necessary so that no one has any desire to encroach on these lands.

Fantomas raged

Is that normal? We let them negotiate, to somehow negotiate, solve problems, and they tell us: you get problems .... Provocation of clean water. It is time to accept the fact that they will not receive the Kuriles either by military means or any other, and begin to resolve other issues that have accumulated between the two countries, for example, to sign a peace treaty.

Apparently Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not become a bang for them.

golden words

That's the whole point. At the talks, they were asked if the Japanese could in the future give guarantees that there would be no NATO bases on these islands. they replied in the negative. One should not forget what genocide the data of the gentlemen repeatedly arranged in neighboring countries and with what cruelty it happened

The samurai are getting bustier again

Following the war, Russia was promised the island of Honshu. It is necessary not to sign a peace treaty before receiving this island.

Rather than talking nonsense in the negotiations on friendship and joint exploration of the islands, is it not better to simply demand that Japan release all its islands from American bases, and only after that when Japan becomes independent to talk about the peace treaty and the islands?

What economic cooperation can there be between Russia and Japan? Japan will buy reskrys, and so it will buy, and if Russia will sell them cheaper - then from Russia, and what Japan can give - it can give only at a high price, all this can be bought from others at a lower price. more than one project has failed due to the fact that the Japanese have asked a lot of money. Russia simply does not need Japan.

Japan - a country with limited sovereignty under the occupation of the United States.

But from the point of view of Washington, it works very well in Okinawa ...
And it is not the Japanese who need these islands, but the "Washington puppet", through the bought up media and politicians, on the content of the "brainwashing" of the Japanese ...
"White and fluffy" West, tens of thousands of kilometers away, declaring the territory as "zones of its interests" and declaring, defending its territory, as aggressors - because this prevents its aggression ...

It seems to me that the United States has been prevented, since it is beneficial to maintain tension between Japan and the Russian Federation. Last year, at a very important moment for negotiations, when a breakthrough was planned, the Americans introduced an extra. sanctions and forced Japan to join them, and most importantly officially stated that they do not exclude, according to the agreement with Japan, the installation of missile defense elements on these islands. Japan was silent, but did not officially deny this, thereby reducing all progress to zero.