Japan decided not to shoot down the Russian Tu-95, twice violated the border

Japan did not shoot down a Russian strategic bomber.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Defense of Japan, a few hours ago, a Russian strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-95, carrying out a training flight, violated the boundaries of Japan’s airspace. Reported immediately about several violations by the Russian crew, but the Russian military aircraft was not taken down.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Japan, the crew of the Russian Tu-95 violated the border of Japan’s airspace near the islands of Minamidaito and Hachijosimo. It is reported that warnings were sent to the crew of a military aircraft, but no reaction followed.

According to the data presented in social networks, the Japanese air defense systems were activated, but the decision to use force against the Russian Tu-95 was not made.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation completely rejected any accusations in this regard, noting that the Tu-95 crew was strictly in international airspace.

It is reported that subsequently the Japanese fighter jets escorted two Russian bombers, trying to prevent new violations by the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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