Japan arbitrarily declared its sovereignty over the South Kuriles

Japan declared sovereignty over the South Kuriles.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida proclaimed sovereignty over the South Kuriles, in fact, encroaching on Russian territory. The Japanese Prime Minister's statement was made public. Moreover, if earlier in Tokyo the South Kurils were called a disputed territory, now the head of the Japanese government encroached on the Russian islands.

"The sovereignty of our country extends to the Northern Territories (the Japanese name for the group of the southern islands of the Kuril ridge - ed.). It is necessary to resolve the issue of territories, not leaving it to future generations."- said Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida.

Such actions on the part of Japan are not only provocative, but also qualify as hostile, although the Japanese side does not show military aggression.

“The declaration of sovereignty over the South Kuriles is a hostile action by Japan, with which a peace treaty has not been concluded at the end of the war. Russia will prepare a very tough response to Japan, including the deployment of additional forces in this direction ", - the analyst emphasizes.

Earlier in Japan, they threatened to involve the United States in military pressure on Russia.

It's time for Russia to wipe up the peace treaty, summon the Japanese ambassador and hand him over, and on this put an end to any negotiations on the islands and waters. If the Japanese need something, they will crawl by themselves.

But China, unlike the Japanese, does not loudly declare sovereignty over Haishenwei (now the Primorsky Territory), but every Chinese from the bottom to the very top is sure of this, it's just that the time has not come yet.

Real modern samurai. They used to do hara-kiri. These same people want to make all of Japan the bottom of the Quiet Okan :)

and what is so possible? then the Russian Federation can declare sovereignty over Okinawa