Japan frightened Russian planes.


Japan frightened Russian planes.

On October 9, Russian Tu-142 aircraft flew over the Sea of ​​Japan and IL-20. The Tu-142 was flying along the island of Honshu and Hokkaido, and a vessel of IL-20 - in the opposite direction. But, despite this, the airspace was not violated.

In early October, we have been committed such acts with the aircraft IL-38.Then flight was made in Tsugaru Strait, which separates the island of Honshu and Hokkaido. The aircraft left in the direction of the continent, without violating the airspace.

According to the Joint Headquarters, from July to September, Japan Self-Defense Force fighters raised the alarm because of the emergence of Russian aircraft 105 times. At the same time, China's aircraft appeared near Japan 80 times.

Spring Joint Staff informed about the appearance of Russian Il-38 and distant anti-aircraft Tu-142 near its territory. In May, it was the Il-38, in April - two long-range anti-aircraft Tu-142.

Just as the Japanese fighter climbed into the sky 9 just because of North Korea and once over Taiwan.