The Japanese military tried to blockade four Russian warships in the Tsushima Strait

Japanese ships attempted to encircle four Russian warships.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense reported that the ships of the Navy and the aircraft of the Japanese Air Force intercepted four Russian warships of the Pacific Fleet at once, trying not to let them pass through the Tsushima Strait. This, apparently, is about two groups of warships, which a few days ago went to sea with unknown goals and objectives, while, taking into account the statements of the Japanese defense department, the Japanese military almost showed aggressive actions towards the Russian fleet.



The Joint Headquarters of the Japanese Ministry of Defense reported that the country's defense forces carried out sea and air interception of four Russian warships that were passing through the Tsushima Strait towards the East China Sea, while it is argued that Japan took serious steps to prevent the emergence Russian ships near their borders.

“We confirm that four ships of the Russian Navy passed south through the Tsushima Strait towards the East China Sea. The Japanese military continues to be present at sea and in the airspace near Japan. We took serious steps to ensure security "- said in the message.

Experts note that Russia has notified in advance that the ships will move in this direction, in connection with which Japan's actions are rather provocative, especially since recently Tokyo has been trying to put pressure on Russia because of the controversial, in the opinion of the Japanese authorities, the question of the ownership of the four islands of the Kuril ridge.

The ship is in the hospital. In the Navy - ships!

There is a 12 mile radius. which cannot be broken without permission, even on an inflatable mattress. but there is a 200-mile economic zone, where you can even swim on a mattress, boat, ship, including a military one - the neighboring state has the right only to check the purpose of the presence, so that no one will accompany the air mattress anymore. But we are talking about an attempt to intercept! UN Maritime Convention.

The normal reaction of Japan is no different from the Russian one in the Black Sea and the Baltic States ... Any country will react in the same way when even an air mattress appears at its borders.
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Uh .. Is that important? The Japans are racing. Not 1905.

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