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Japanese air carrier painted planes in the form of tiger sharks

The Japanese airline "Japan Transocean Air" painted the aircraft for tiger sharks.

The reason why the management of the Japanese airline, Japan Transocean Air, gave its aircraft a new coloring, is that the aircraft operator decided to additionally attract passengers to its flights to the island of Okinawa, where there is a special oceanarium where these amazing and very rare predators live .

By the way, it should be noted that passenger airliners painted for tiger sharks are very bright, and according to the data of, just a few days ago, the number of passengers on these routes increased by 3-4%.

In addition to the blue color of planes, there is also one plane with a pink tiger shark in the park of the airline "Japan Transocean Air", which, according to the representatives of the air operator, symbolizes a shark-girl.

Among other things, about two months ago, an aircraft also appeared on the territory of Russia that has a coloring for a rare and protected type of animal - the livery with the image of an Amur tiger is available on the company's airliner.Transaero».