Ballistic missiles


Yemen threatened Israel with rockets

Yemen warned Israel about its missiles.

A spokesman for the Yemen Air Force issued a statement saying that today the country’s armament has missiles capable of reaching Israel, and the Red Sea is no longer a safe route for transporting oil from the Middle East.

Considering the statement of the Yemeni Air Force spokesman, we can talk about missiles with a range over 1650 kilometers, which corresponds to the distance from Yemen’s borders to Israel’s borders. It is noteworthy that one of these missiles a few days ago, the Yemeni rebels attacked Abha International Airport (Saudi Arabia), located at a considerable distance from the border of Yemen, while it was reported that the missile, which is analogous to the Soviet strategic missile X -55, was able to overcome several frontiers of the Patriot missile defense system.

Given the statement regarding the transportation of oil through the Red Sea, it can be assumed that civilian ships of certain countries will also be attacked.

In Israel, they have not yet responded to this message, but if Yemen’s weapons actually appeared to have missiles with a range from 1.5 to 2 thousand kilometers, the threat to this country is imminent.

Usually it was the other way around, who the hell were you?

and who is interested in supplying such missiles to them?