Yemeni rebels destroyed the Saudi mercenary base, capturing tanks, armored personnel carriers and other equipment

Yemeni rebels with powerful blows destroyed the Saudi Arabian military base in Yemen, razing it to the ground.

An attempt by the Saudi military, mercenaries from Saudi Arabia and Yemeni government forces to hold a military base in one of the regions of the country led to the fact that the Houthis unleashed powerful blows on it, in fact, razing the military facility to the ground. After successfully destroying most of the military base and capturing its remaining part, the Yemeni rebels managed to capture several dozen tanks, armored personnel carriers, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, light armored vehicles, etc.

The photographs posted by Yemeni rebels show what remains of the Saudi military base and the areas adjacent to it. After the Houthis met resistance on their way, the military base was allegedly covered with powerful fire, drone strikes and missiles. At the same time, apparently, we are talking about hundreds of lost Saudi military, mercenaries and government forces.

Quite noteworthy is the fact that in some of the photographs provided by the Yemeni rebels, you can see relatively new Russian-made equipment, although nothing was previously reported about the delivery of the latter to Yemen.

Well yeah. As always, according to the principle, they are not there)))

Russian technology ?! maybe Ukrainian or bought in the countries of the former socialist camp?

Was it a base? The photo shows a museum for connoisseurs of antique technology! A collector's dream. It is better to sell this good.



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