The southwestern part of the Black Sea has been under powerful electronic suppression for the third day

The southwestern part of the Black Sea has been under powerful electronic jamming for at least three days.

The first powerful interference created by the operation of global positioning facilities began to be recorded on August 2. Failures in the operation of GPS and communication satellites are recorded over this region at certain heights. This, according to experts, is evidence that electronic countermeasures are used in this region, since according to According to resource "ADS-B Exchange", problems are observed in dozens of aircraft flying through this region. However, what is much more remarkable, this happened after the Ukrainian ships began to carry out the export of grain.

On the presented images you can see the area where, since August 2, powerful radio-electronic interference created by GPS facilities has been observed. Interference is fixed at certain heights. This indicates that they are artificial. For obvious reasons, it was not possible to reliably determine the source of such interference, however, according to experts, they can be exhibited by reconnaissance aircraft that monitor ships, and at the same time conduct reconnaissance in the direction of the northern part of the Black Sea.

In other images, you can see that prior to this period, noise interference with GPS operation was recorded here in much smaller quantities or not recorded at all.