Airline UTair


"UTair" opens new route directions

Carrier "UTair" announced the opening of the new spring and summer routes.

According to the portal, airline "UTair" since May 15 opens two new flights - Tyumen - Yekaterinburg - Ufa and Ufa - Samara. Flights on the specified route directions will be conducted at a frequency of six times a week, at the same time, it is expected that these flights will be fully loaded.

Among other things, since 23 May, the airline "UTair" opens flights Sochi - Rostov-on-Don - Makhachkala (flights will be operated with a frequency of three times a week - Ed.)., With 24 May - Sochi - Mineral Waters - Makhachkala (flights will be operated three times a week - Ed.)., with 29 May - Moscow - Arkhangelsk (flights will be carried out on a daily basis - Ed.)..