South Korea donated more shells to Ukraine than all European countries

The American edition of The Washington Post reports on a serious problem facing the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front - a lack of artillery shells. Obtaining the required amount of ammunition from European allies is becoming an increasingly difficult task for Kyiv.

In this context, South Korea, one of the closest US satellites in East Asia, played a significant role by transferring more artillery shells to Ukraine than all of Europe. This became possible thanks to the initiative of Washington, which involved South Korea in the process of arming Ukrainian troops.

Since the beginning of 2023, batches of 155-mm shells from the Republic of Korea, previously transferred to South Korea by the United States, began to arrive in Ukraine. Washington ordered the transfer of this ammunition to Ukraine, estimating the possibility of supplying South Korean ammunition at 330 thousand shells.

However, this move by Washington raised questions, given the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula and the risk of conflict between South Korea and the DPRK.


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