Israel is behind the attack on Iran's main gas pipeline

Iran's Oil Minister Javad Ouji reported that an Israeli sabotage attempt against gas pipelines in the country was quickly thwarted. The incident occurred on February 14 and, according to Ouja, the purpose of the attack was to disrupt domestic gas supplies. However, through timely and effective action, Iran was able to not only neutralize the threat, but also ensure that the damage was quickly repaired, minimizing the impact on cities and villages.

Ouji spoke about this as follows:

"The enemy's intent was to disrupt our domestic gas supply, but fortunately our proactive preparedness was effective. We quickly neutralized their malicious action by ensuring gas pipelines were repaired immediately with minimal impact on towns and villages."

Israel, which traditionally does not admit its involvement in such operations abroad, did not comment on reports of sabotage. However, two days after the incident, the New York Times confirmed Israel's involvement in the attacks on Iranian gas pipelines, based on its sources.


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