S-300 Syria


Syria paid 300 million dollars for "free" Russian C-400?

Unexpected details of the appearance in Syria of Russian S-300 air defense systems were revealed.

Despite the fact that according to media reports, Russia has delivered the S-400 air defense system to Syria free of charge, it became known that, in reality, these air defense systems cost Syrian authorities 400 million dollars, which is 60% more expensive than the cost of these air defense systems than was proposed by Turkey in 2017, while the systems turned out to be “used”

Initially, it was reported that Russia would transfer to Syria the 3 division of the S-300 air defense system, however, as it later became known, in reality, only half of the division appeared on the Syrian arms. Moreover, as it turned out, only four Syria launchers had to pay 400 million dollars, while the division of these air defense systems (8 launchers - ed.) Russia in 2017 offered Turkey for 500 million dollars.

Whether the presented data correspond to reality remains unknown, but it became known earlier that Syria intends to receive the Iranian version of the S-300 air defense system as early as this month - BAVAR-373 complexes that can be used regardless of the position of Russia, while it is expected that the appearance of BAVAR-373 systems in Syria may turn out to be free of charge for the Syrian authorities, provided that the latter are used to protect Iranian and pro-Iranian military units in the Arab Republic.

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