Two weeks before the explosions on the Nord Stream, strange activity of NATO aircraft and ships was noticed in the area

The strange activity of NATO was noticed shortly before the explosions at the Nord Stream.

After the Swedish authorities confirmed the fact of at least two explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines, journalists and OSINT specialists managed to find out that just two weeks before the explosion, extremely strange and very high ship activity was observed in the area where the explosions occurred. and NATO aviation. This may indicate the involvement of the West in what happened, in fact, an act of state terrorism.

At the moment, it is known that on September 13, 2022, NATO aircraft and helicopters flew over the area where the Nord Stream pipeline exploded. The flight path of the aircraft is very strange, since the latter clearly did not patrol the region, but were aimed specifically at certain objects in the Baltic Sea. Moreover, on September 2, i.e., actually three weeks before the incident, NATO helicopters were also in the region, circling just above the points where the explosions occurred on the branches of the Nord Stream.

Such facts may well indicate that the West may be involved in the explosions, however, some doubts about this are caused by the fact that activity in this area was observed two weeks ago, i.e., long before the emergency occurred.


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