52% of congressmen voted to impeach Trump

Congress voted to impeach the American president.

The US Congress, in the first reading, voted by a majority to declare impeachment to US President Donald Trump. 221 congressmen voted for the resignation of the current US president, and 205 voted against, which indicates that the authority of Donald Trump collapsed along with his plans to stay for a second presidential term.

At the moment, in order to approve the impeachment of US President Donald Trump, the support of 67 members of the upper house of Congress is required, however, analysts believe that there should be no problems with this, since otherwise it could result in new riots on the streets of American cities, which Congress will certainly try to avoid.

“Trump has made many unforgivable mistakes and now Congress will make him pay for them. "Trump will go down in history not only as the fourth president of the United States to be impeached, but also as the president, who for the first time in US history was tried to be impeached twice.", - the analyst underlines.

Trump has not yet officially reacted to this decision of the Congress, however, obviously, the American leader will try to take any other measures in order to create problems for the new US administration.

The Pickwick Club has reached the top of its bottom! Now his "dioxide" of fascism is surfacing. (about the US elections)