Taliban may be behind attack on Russian helicopter in Afghanistan

The attack on a Russian helicopter in Afghanistan could have been carried out by the Taliban.

Members of the Taliban terrorist movement, whose activities are banned in Russia, attacked a Russian helicopter and plundered the rotorcraft almost to the ground. The fact that members of the Taliban terrorist movement are behind the attack is evidenced by the fact that the terrorists themselves were previously spotted on the territory of the Kabul International Airport. At the same time, the version that refugees or foreign military personnel may be behind this is very unlikely.

Earlier, the domestic air carrier UTair reported that on August 17, an attack was made on a Russian helicopter, which probably took part in the evacuation of UN representatives from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan, about which the Avia.pro resource had previously provided information. As it became known, documentation, body armor, oxygen masks, fire extinguishers and even the headrest from the flight attendant's seat were missing from the helicopter, i.e., things that are actually not needed by refugees and foreign military, but are quite in demand among the Taliban. It is known that the inner skin of the UTair helicopter was seriously damaged, as a result of which the rotorcraft had to be evacuated to a safe place and began to be guarded, although, apparently, the rotorcraft can still fly.

Members of the Taliban have not yet commented on such accusations, however, an attack on a Russian helicopter could cost the Taliban dearly.

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