For a week, 4 countries announced their desire to purchase Russian Su-75

Four countries at once announced their desire to acquire Russian Su-75s.

Introduced a week ago, the light Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-75 has already begun to enjoy popularity. So, according to the data of the state corporation "Rostec", within a week Russia acquired four potential buyers of these combat aircraft. This indicates that in the future, the Russian fifth-generation light fighter can be delivered to several dozen countries.

According to the data presented, during the week that has passed since the presentation of the Russian fifth generation light fighter, countries such as India, Vietnam, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates expressed their intention to conclude contracts for the supply of Su-75 fighters. Nevertheless, according to previously announced information, Malaysia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, China and others may also become buyers of Russian fifth-generation light fighters, which indicates that the Russian combat aircraft has enormous potential.

At the moment, it remains unknown when exactly the Russian Su-75 will perform its first flight. According to experts, serial deliveries of these fighters may begin as early as 2027.

How many Su57 were mass-produced? Ф35 more than 500 pcs. Hear the propaganda further ...

Alexander is absolutely in solidarity with you ...! Old lending, but hard to believe ... the eternal Russian classics ...! The modern concept of Laura comes to mind, with the wicks at the American auto show, made a splash ... only now nobody managed to buy this work.

Well, yes, the Su-57 is produced in units of pieces per year, and there will not be a dozen (f-22 and f-35 are already several hundred), but here we also need to rivet the Su-75 out of it, both for ourselves and for export ... The Ily-76s cannot produce at the required pace, one cannot hear about the Il-112V in the series either (until they were postponed to 23 years old and are also dreaming of export supplies), and then the fifth generation, like pies, will begin to bake, do not tell the Iskanders)

there is nothing funny, because the su57 superior to the f22 is already being mass-produced, and the su75 consists of su57 kits

Very funny, after the situation with their own vaccines, which cannot be produced in the required amount against the background of 1 billion doses produced by Astrozeneca.
The same thing awaits Su, the advance will be taken and delivered when it is completely outdated

Very funny. They expressed a desire to buy an airplane that will appear in ten years.