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In just a few minutes before the Airbus A320 crash in the cockpit rose tempreratura

On board the crashed aircraft in the Mediterranean Sea, a few moments before the crash, the temperature soared.

Based on the current data, it is logical to assume that one of the reasons for the plane crash that occurred on May 19, 2016, could be a fire on board or an explosion - at the moment these circumstances are the most likely. It should be noted that such information has not been officially confirmed at the moment, however, given the fact that a number of specialists, after examining the technical journal of the aircraft, made a similar conclusion, it is logical to assume that the information is correct and true.

It should be clarified that on board the crashed Airbus A320, en route flight from Paris to Cairo, was 66 people, while, in spite of the fact that the search and rescue operation continues, experts are skeptical about the fact that some of the crew members or passengers could survive.


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