Transaero Airlines


For the first half of the year, passenger traffic of Transaero increased by 0,4%

The carrier "Transaero"Increased its passenger traffic to 5,77 million people.

According to the reporting for the first half of the year, the increase in passenger traffic of one of the largest domestic air carriers was about 0.4%, while passenger traffic in a number of areas was increased several times - passenger traffic to Crimea increased by 6.5 times, and passenger air traffic to Sochi - by 2,7 times.

To increase the volume of its passenger traffic to the Russian air carrier "Transaero" was possible due to the increase in passenger traffic on domestic routes, while aviation resource became known, the number of passengers carried by domestic airlines increased by more than 65%, while the average The load of passenger planes was established at the level of 82,5%.

Experts do not exclude that by the end of this year, passenger traffic of the air carrier "Transaero" can grow by more than 1.5%, which, taking into account the crisis situation in Russia's civil aviation, is very successful.

To date, the fleet of aircrafts of the airline "Transaero" consists of 104 aircraft, and the airline itself is considered one of the safest in the world.