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During the first ten days of February, 450 air bombs were dropped on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Russian aviation has significantly increased the intensity of air strikes against positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), using air bombs with a universal planning and correction module (UMPC). According to information from Ukrainian volunteer Alexander Kovalenko, in the first third of February alone, over four hundred such guided bombs were dropped on Ukrainian positions. This information reflects Russia's growing air superiority and the diminishing role of remnants of Ukrainian aviation in the conflict.

Against the backdrop of these events, Ukraine is considering the possibility of using American F-16 fighters to strike Russian troops, but these aircraft have not yet entered service with the Ukrainian Air Force.

Particularly active use of aerial bombs with UMPC is observed in the Avdeevsky direction, where more than 40 such ammunition can be dropped per day. Also, high activity of Russian aviation is observed in the Kupyansky direction. Various types of bombs are used, including the 1,5-ton FAB-1500 and ODAB.


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