Putin and Erdogan


For the purchase of Russian C-400, Turkey offered compensation in the billions of dollars

The US offered Turkey to discuss compensation for refusing C-400.

The TASS news agency reports that a senior US administration official said the United States was ready to discuss compensation with Turkey if Ankara refused to acquire the Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile system - this is obviously about billions of dollars.

According to her, if Ankara purchases C-400, it will “have grave consequences” for relations between the United States and Turkey, and in Washington there is a desire to avoid it. But, as the representative of the American administration said, “this requires Turkey’s readiness to engage in a meaningful dialogue on the refusal of the purchase of C-400”.

According to the White House, C-400 is the “Russian intelligence gathering platform.” As for Washington’s actions in response to Turkey’s receiving C-400, then, according to her, they “will be painful and costly for the United States.”

Somewhat earlier, Bloomberg, referring to a competent source, stated that the White House intends to introduce three new sanctions packages against Turkey in July due to the acquisition of Russian C-400. Ankara’s statement on the matter said that she had response steps in case of “negative measures” on the part of the United States.

In June, an ultimatum was presented to Turkey. In it, the US military threatened that if Ankara did not abandon the deal with Russia before 31 in July, cooperation with it on F-35 would be curtailed, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the purchase of С-400 is a completed deal.

Assessing the situation, Gazeta in its publication wrote that the United States suffered huge losses in the war with C-400.