Winning Airline


Over the past year loukoster victory 47 introduced new routes

Russian loukoster "Victory" has entered the TOP-10 airlines in the world by the number of created new routes.

According to official statistics, over the entire 2015 year in the world appeared more than 3 thousand new air routes, while at the end of 2014 years in routing has been implemented for five hundred less, indicating that still enough opportunities for further development of the world air carriers .

Loukoster Pobeda was able to occupy 7 place of the specified rating, expanding its route network in 12 months for 47 air routes, while the leaders became such foreign airlines as "Ryanair" and "EasyJet", each of which were able to develop 99 new routes.

However, experts note that not all aeronautical directions are effective, and therefore, some of them are shrinking.