SAM MiM-23


Hunt for Russian fighters and bombers in Syria begins

Turkey handed over to terrorists in Idlib at least three MiM-23 air defense systems.

In the area of ​​the city of Idlib, which is the capital of the province of the same name in Syria, at least three MiM-23 medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems were seen. They were transferred by Turkey to Syria and transferred to terrorists and mercenaries. This indicates that the hunt for Russian military aircraft in Syria has actually begun.

Despite the fact that the maximum range of destruction of the MiM-23 air defense system is 45 kilometers (with a high target flight altitude - ed.), The appearance of three air defense systems at once in service with militants poses a very serious threat to Russian aviation, especially against the backdrop of a new wave of escalation in Idlib. Taking into account the flight altitude of the Russian military aviation, the maximum engagement range for Turkish air defense systems should be about 15-20 kilometers. In this regard, these complexes may soon become the target of the Russian military if Turkey tries to deny the presence of such weapons in Syria.

Last year, there were already reports that Turkey had placed its air defense systems in the border areas, thereby protecting the militants under its control from Russian attacks. The appearance of MiM-23 complexes in the central part of Idlib indicates the fact that Ankara has decided to start acting against Russia, especially since earlier accusations were made by Turkey that Russia is violating the established agreements and bombing Idlib.

Well, yes . The history of relations between Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and Russia is full of cloudless moments and fraternal unity. And how happy the Orthodox of the world are when Ottoman "friends" came to their lands and brought unrestrained peace.

Did this cart come by itself? We saw a tire with a radar in the background))

None other than: THE SYRIAN PEOPLE!

I like this hunt - the Turks have already taken out 3500 coffins !!!

What do the goyim think when looking at a photo with three missiles:
Unlike Buk and Pantsyr, the three-headed Serpent Gavrilych in the photo is an extremely compact design and therefore cheap. The Kremlin also needs to make such, and not 30-ton Armor

El, right now all the "nobility" of the world are doing everything to NOT RECOGNIZE Russia. Elections of our people. In the same way, these "nobility" did to Assad, calling him "... the bloody corrupt regime of Bashar al-Assad, which, like his corrupt father Hafez Assad, has been engaged in plundering the Syrian people for all the years ...". Russia and our president are called the same way. So, comrade, are you for the Whites or for the Reds? Or do you live in the wrong "barnyard"?

And what about a democratic regime in Turkey, or in Saudi Arabia or in the Emirates ...?

Turkey handed over to terrorists ... Terrorists Armenians and Russia. Tell me, what did Russia lose in Syria, where the dictatorial regime of Assad criminals has ruled for 50 years? Or Syria next to Russia? Russia, under the banner of helping the fascist regime, is practicing new weapons against civilians in Syria. Eats a Russian proverb; show your friend, I'll tell you who you are.

Tatyana, I agree with you, but I pray that the Russian bear won't wake up. If he gets up ...

Tatiana, what are you talking about ??? The regime of Bashar al-Assad is not recognized by anyone as legitimate, Bashar supports the fanatical mullocratic regime of Iran and Russia, the bombing of Idlib will lead to a humanitarian disaster, millions of refugees will rush to the Turkish border, and in Turkey there are already about 4 million refugees. this does not take into account the flow of Afghan fleeing from the Taliban regime. I don’t understand why Russia got into this Syrian squabble ??? who is she saving there ?? there is no "Russian world", there is a bloody corrupt regime of Bashar al-Assad, which, like his corrupt father Hafez Assad, has been busy robbing the Syrian people all the years brotherhood - they are betrayed.Note that all this massacre takes place on the very borders of Turkey

Excellent training targets for our new attack UAVs!

Here are the ungrateful! They are bombed, and they also gathered to resist. What insidiousness !!

Well, finally, there was a real combat mission for the Aerospace Forces. After all, bombing an enemy who cannot respond is the lot of the weak.

Turkey is not at war against Russia. They just test their weapons with someone else's hands on real targets. Well, doesn't Russia do that?

There is no need to prove to anyone that Erdogan is a staunch sponsor of Islamic terrorism. But you can close your eyes to this, like the Kremlin. A couple of our planes will be shot down and our eyes will open again. Maybe or maybe not, we will do without apologies, although there may not be any.

Russia, like most Russians, endures for a long time, forgives a lot. All this is perceived as weakness and stupidity. But patience is running out and those who consider themselves the most intelligent and cunning will regret ...