A second before ... The aerial bomb dropped by the Russian Aerospace Forces fell directly on the head of the terrorist. Video

The moment the bomb hit the positions of the terrorists fell on the video.

Having videotaped the consequences of the strike of the Russian air forces, one of the Idlib terrorists, completely unaware of the consequences, began to openly shoot the consequences of the airstrike, and after a few seconds he “caught” another airstrike, only a few meters from its position.

On the presented video frames, you can see how one of the terrorists is shooting positions where a few minutes ago the Russian airborne forces attacked the air, demonstrating the surrounding area, however, after a few seconds the mobile phone’s camera “caught” the moment the next air bomb hit just a few meters from the fighter’s position.

The consequences of the strike can be seen on the mobile phone that continues to be shot, and although the information about the victims, the victims and the material damage to the terrorists is only approximate, a direct hit in the terrorist area indicates that the airborne strike was extremely successful.

It should be clarified that the Russian Aerospace Forces have intensified their attacks on terrorists in Syria.

Clan Asadov bought property in Moscow City on 40.000.000 $ and this, taking into account the situation in Syria itself! From Basharik, this villain, they created the “Russian Mental Pain”, and the Russians assure them that Russian people simply cannot have a closer spirit than Basharik! On the other hand, what was to be born from the murderer comrade. Hafez, also a great friend, then the USSR !!!