Damascus attack


Terrorist group backed by Erdogan is behind the attack in Damascus

Ankara-backed terrorist group was involved in the attack on the Syrian military in Damascus.

The terrorist act on the territory of the Syrian capital, which claimed the lives of at least 14 Syrian servicemen, was not committed by the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia - ed.) As originally stated, but by the Saraya Kasiyun terrorist group, which is actively supported Turkey, which is quite expected against the background of the confrontation between Ankara, Damascus and Moscow.

It is known that the Saraya Kasiyun terrorists themselves took responsibility for the terrorist act by publishing the official text of their statement. At the same time, it is important to note that little is known about the group itself - this is its second terrorist act on the territory of the Syrian capital.

According to Arab information resources, the terrorist group "Saraya Kasiyun" is dormant. At the same time, it is argued that the group works in the territory of the Syrian capital and in the vicinity of Damascus exclusively in the interests of Turkey, from where it is probably financed.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already condemned the terrorist act in the Syrian capital.

Erdogan is as much an Islamic terrorist as those in ISIS. Russia has untied his hands and is striving to become the supreme leadership of all Islamic terrorists, in order to intimidate both Europe and us, and soon the United States. Nobody is going to stop him yet, which is sad.

"Russian Foreign Ministry"!? And what is it for .. the Ottoman East?
Ah ... is ... a partner you can wipe your ... feet on?