Russian journalist detained in Kosovo on suspicion of espionage has been released

The authorities of Kosovo have released the Russian journalist detained at night.

Despite the rather serious blame, put forward against the Russian journalist Darya Aslamova, it became known that the latter was released. In all likelihood, the Kosovo authorities failed to establish Aslamova's involvement in espionage, as a result of which the latter is already at large.

Initially, the head of the Kosovo Foreign Ministry stated that confirmations from several countries at once appeared that the journalist was engaged in espionage.

“Today, Daria Aslamova was detained at the border crossing in the north (Kosovo). Several countries have proven that she was spying for Russian military intelligence and that she was undercover as a journalist. She also participated in the hostilities in Ukraine"- said the head of the Foreign Ministry of Kosovo.

However, it is likely that, thanks to diplomatic negotiations, Aslamova's release was achieved, while Kosovo does not comment on the situation with the detention and charges with alleged evidence. This indicates that we are talking about an artificially created provocation.


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