Deserter PMC Wagner


A fighter of the Wagner PMC, detained with a machine gun, escaped two weeks ago

The deserted fighter of PMC "Wagner" escaped from the detachment two weeks ago.

Detained a few hours ago in the Rostov region, a member of the PMC "Wagner" Pavel Nikolin, arbitrarily left the location of the PMC unit two weeks ago. Where the deserter was all this time is unknown, however, he always had a machine gun with him, from which he opened fire on the police officers. This information is given by the journalists of "Baza".

“Pavel Nikolin served time for theft and robbery in the Ufa colony. From there, he was recruited into the Wagner PMC. On November 24, Nikolin changed his mind about fighting and fled. Yesterday he was noticed near the plant in Novoshakhtinsk - Nikolin attacked the police and opened fire on them with a Kalashnikov machine gun. The man wounded one employee in the pelvis and then fled. They searched for him for about a day and found him in an abandoned pig farm. During the arrest, Nikolin tried to resist”, - the journalists of "Base" report.

Where all this time the member of the PMC "Wagner" was located is unknown, however, the presence of the last assault military weapon created a clear threat, which, ultimately, happened to the police officers.

Despite the out-of-the-ordinary case, at the moment there are no official comments on this subject from the representatives of the Wagner PMC.

A criminal case was opened against a man who fired at police officers in Novoshakhtinsk under two articles at once - encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer and illegal arms trafficking.


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