The head of the state corporation detained for treason could transmit secret information about the Su-57 to Czech intelligence

The detained FSB for treason, Ivan Safronov, could convey to NATO important information about the Su-57.

The loud detention of the adviser to the head of the state corporation Roscosmos, Ivan Safronov, may be related to the transfer of secret information to the North Atlantic Alliance intelligence agencies regarding the latest fifth-generation Russian fighter. This is the only Russian combat aircraft that has not only not been exported to other countries, but also the only secret project that has not even entered service with the Russian aerospace forces.

Initially, the information that the transfer of information to NATO representatives regarding the Su-35 fighters is unlikely to be true according to experts, since this combat aircraft is exported to other countries of the world, in particular, the Su-35 is now in service with the PRC, and in the near future it will also appear in Egypt, in connection with which, this combat aircraft does not have any significant secrecy. With the Su-57, the situation is completely different, since the real combat characteristics of the fifth-generation Russian stealth fighter have not yet been disclosed, and its capabilities are known only on the basis of rumors.

On the other hand, experts note that Safronov hardly had access to secret data regarding the latest Russian combat aircraft, but at the same time they did not exclude that he could act as part of a group, having its own sources of information transfer.

The FSB confirmed that Safronov was detained for ties with NATO, in particular, his work for Czech intelligence was reported.

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Correct the title. He is not the head of a state corporation, but an adviser.