Flight delay


Delay flights will cost companies in 14 times more expensive

Delays in flights will cost airlines much more expensively.

In the Ministry of Transport, work on the relevant draft law is coming to an end. According to the calculations of the department, every hour of delay will cost air carriers in 339 rubles, which is 14 times more than currently.

According to the authoritative edition of Izvestia, work on the bill should be completed within a few weeks. Based on the text of the current version of the document, fines for airlines will grow by 14 times - from 25 to 339 rub. for one hour of delay. When calculating a new figure, the increase in prices from 2000 year was taken into account, when the effective amount of the penalty was fixed, the source said. At the same time, the total amount of the fine can not exceed 50% of the ticket price.

Representatives of the publication say that with a slight penalty, the size of 25 rubles per hour, airlines are more concerned with the issue of maximum aircraft load than its timely departure.

A source close to the ministry stressed that the case of raising the penalty for delaying flights was under discussion in the Ministry of Transport. If the flight is canceled due to unfavorable conditions, force majeure circumstances or other reasons related to the safety of people on board, a fine will not be imposed.

In Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Transport this news has not yet commented.