Mysteriously missing Russian combat aircraft cannot find the third day

Neither aviation, nor ships, nor satellites can find a crashed fighter off the coast of Crimea for the third day.

Contrary to the fact that the Su-27 fighter of the Russian Airborne Forces crashed off the coast of Crimea on March 25, 2020, it became known that, despite the large-scale search and rescue operation, to date, absolutely no traces of the Russian combat vehicle have been found.

It is known that, despite the detected alarm, at the moment the members of the search and rescue operation have not been able to detect any traces of the crashed fighter, although the crash area of ​​the combat aircraft is known for certain.

“The tragedy that made us wonder whether the equipment used is morally obsolete. By this time, neither aviation, nor ships with special equipment, nor spacecraft have been able to detect the slightest sign of the exact area of ​​the plane crash, not to mention the fact that the fate of the crew remains unknown ”, - the expert marks.

Earlier it became known that the catapulted pilot was dressed in a special suit, however, according to analysts, given that the water temperature is only about 10 degrees, the probability that the pilot survived is very low.

It should be clarified that at the moment the cause of the crash of the Russian Su-27 fighter remains unknown.