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Mysterious military work in Nenoks associated with increased levels of radiation in Europe

The increase in radiation levels over Europe may be due to military operations at the Russian Navy training ground.

Some regulated work that began several days ago at the Russian Navy training ground near the Nenoksa settlement may be due to the recent sharp jump in radiation levels throughout Northern Europe. Such conclusions were drawn by Western analysts, expressing the opinion that Russia could indeed test the latest weapons with nuclear elements, and work is currently underway to clean up the landfill.

A day earlier, the administration of Severodvinsk issued a warning that residents of the settlement of Nyonoks, for security reasons, would be evacuated from their homes for two days.

“Attention, planned military work will be carried out in Nenoks. From 6:00 a.m. July 7 to 18:00 on July 8, the village of Nenoksa falls into the danger zone during work by the 1st scientific center of military unit 09703. This was reported by the leadership of the department. A telephone message with the request to organize vehicles for those who wish to leave Nyonokshan was sent to the head of the Nyonoksky territorial department, Valery Mashenkov. According to him, on July 7 at 5:00 from the street 40 years of Victory, 11 will be sent five buses. The same number of vehicles will be organized in the village of Sopka ”- said in the message.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry rejected any accusations against Moscow that the surge in radiation was in any way connected with tests of such Russian weapons as Poseidon or Petrel.