The ship is on fire


The fire of an American warship epic collapsed - the superstructure fell to the deck. Video

The design of the American landing ship USS Bonhomme Richard could not stand the 24-hour exposure to the flame and fell apart.

The American warship, on board of which there were about 200 sailors and officers, fell apart due to the prolonged exposure of an open flame to metal elements of the hull structure. In addition to the destroyed bulkheads, the landing ship superstructure collapsed, putting a bullet in the further operation of the ship.

On the presented video frames, you can see that, in general, only the silhouette remained from the design of the American landing ship - the ship's setup collapsed on the starboard side, partially breaking the deck.

At the moment, the fire is still raging - the specialists managed only to minimize its impact on the ship's structure, however, it was not possible to completely eliminate the fire.

It should be clarified that a possible reason for the start of the fire remains no less mysterious - according to some reports, a powerful explosion contributed to this, the nature of which is still unknown, while the version of the terrorist act is ruled out by analysts, however, the US Navy command has not yet commented on what happened the loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard landing craft.