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Israeli secret rocket captured in Syria didn’t hit Russia, but Iran

The Israeli missile defense that fell in Syria did not go to Moscow, but to Tehran.

The information that appeared a few days ago that Russia could take possession of Israel’s secret Israeli anti-ballistic missile defense system “David Sling” received a number of new refinements. As it turned out, the missile did not hit Moscow, but into Iran, which means serious problems for Israel against the backdrop of an escalation of the situation with the Islamic republic.

“In fact, the missile went not to Russia at all, but to Iran. <...> On this day, an Iranian cargo Il-76 was at the Damascus International Airport, and could well deliver an Israeli missile defense system to Iran to study its capabilities ", - the experts report.

How objective such information is is unknown, while there are no official comments either from Moscow, or from Tehran, or from the official Damascus, however, experts say, the Israeli missile defense is of much greater interest to Iran than to Russia.

“Russia's interest in foreign military technologies is quite obvious, but for Iran this missile allows revealing the features of the Israeli missile defense system. If Tehran really took possession of such a missile, then the reliability of Israeli air defense systems is a very big question, even if the missile defense has been seriously damaged. ”, - said the analyst

The fact that the Israeli missile was taken to Iran, and not to the Russian Federation, seems to be true. If only because in Asad territory the real owner is Iran.



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