War plane


Helicopters and planes captured by the Taliban turned out to be scrap metal - they cannot be lifted into the air

The United States deliberately destroyed all military equipment at the Kabul airport.

The Taliban, armed with helicopters and aircraft abandoned at Kabul International Airport, were furious after it turned out that no aircraft could take off without significant repairs. In fact, in the hands of the Taliban, it was not equipment that remained, but scrap metal. At the same time, even the likely allies of the Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.), Who have already announced their intentions to recognize the transfer of power in Afghanistan, will not be able to repair aircraft.

If two days ago the terrorists announced that they would be able to get into service a whole fleet of military aircraft, then upon examination of the equipment it turned out that none of the helicopters and aircraft at the Kabul airport would even be able to take off, because the American the military completely disabled military equipment, knowing full well that the latter will come under the control of terrorists.

Nevertheless, equipment captured by the Taliban at other military facilities can still perform flights, although the Taliban have significant problems with the availability of pilots, especially when it comes to aircraft pilots, since without the presence of specialists, not a single machine can be lifted into the air.

They are not that stupid, Americans.
A couple of shots at the instruments in the cockpit, even from a pistol, are already enough to disable the avionics and controls. A good and understandable step in principle. Any officer could have done it in disagreement with the high command.