The plane hijacked by terrorists


Hijacking of EgyptAir: almost all hostages released

From the captured aircraft «EgyptAir» released almost all the hostages.

About 10 hours 10 minutes Moscow time, a terrorist who hijacked a passenger aircraft of the Egyptian carrier “EgyptAir” released about 50 people from the plane, including mainly women and children, and a few minutes later, about 20 more people were released. Nevertheless, experts clarify the fact that there are about 12 hostages on board the aircraft, including US citizens and British citizens, while initially it was reported that there were 62 people on the plane.

By the current moment it is known that a man seized a passenger aircraft has not put forward any demands, however, experts say that taking into account the release of women and children, it is likely be able to secure the release of other hostages.


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