Volley strike with a whole battery of Himars MLRS caught on video

Ukrainian troops delivered 24 Himars MLRS strikes at once, using an entire battery to attack.

Despite very serious losses among the American Himars MLRS put into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine (according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 6 out of 16 installations were destroyed - ed. note), the Ukrainian military strikes with whole batteries of these weapons. This is evidenced by the relevant video footage published by the Ukrainian army. The video footage shows a simultaneous strike by 24 M30/M31 missiles at once, which is the first evidence of the formation of batteries of these weapons and the delivery of massive strikes from one direction.

On video footage, you can see that the Himars MLRS battery is deployed for combat use right in the middle of the day, although previously the Ukrainian military used these weapons exclusively at night, probably in order to avoid position detection, which is also very unusual.

According to sources, the video footage was filmed in the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction. This indicates the fact that for the Ukrainian troops the current direction is a priority.

Earlier, the United States announced that another 25-30 Himars multiple launch rocket systems could be transferred to Ukraine, bringing the total number of systems of this type, including the M270 MLRS, to 50-60 units.