US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl: a batch of anti-radar missiles has been sent to Ukraine

The Pentagon confirmed the sending of anti-radar missiles to Ukraine.

As part of a briefing held by the Pentagon, a representative of the US Department of Defense said that as part of the latest arms deliveries to Ukraine, anti-radar missiles were provided to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This, in all likelihood, is about AGM-88 cruise anti-radar missiles, the wreckage of one of which was found in the Kherson region.

As part of the ongoing briefing, Colin Kahl, who is the deputy head of the US Department of Defense, said:

“In recent aid packages for Ukraine, we have included a number of anti-radar missiles that can be launched from Ukrainian aircraft.”

Up to this point, there have been suggestions that the AGM-88 missiles were launched either by American fighters or by ground-based installations, however, it is obvious that some of the Ukrainian combat aircraft were adapted to launch such missiles.

The number and type of missiles were not named, however, taking into account unofficial data, we are talking about a batch of 50 missiles that are supposed to be used against air defense systems in order to increase the effectiveness of the use of missile weapons and MLRS by the Ukrainian military. At the same time, there is information that the AGM-88 missiles were launched in conjunction with Himars MLRS missile launches.


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