Iskander missile launched by Armenia misses target by 6 kilometers

The Iskander Armenian tactical missile was not shot down - it missed its target.

Despite the statements that the Russian Iskander OTRK are precision weapons, it turned out that during the use of the tactical missile system by the Armenian military, the missile was not shot down by Azerbaijani air defense systems at all - it simply missed the target - and not less than by 6 kilometers.

According to media reports, the launched tactical missile was supposed to hit its targets on the territory of the Ganja airport, however, it missed and struck the center of the second largest city in Azerbaijan.

“The head of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov explained the“ strike ”of the Russian-made Iskander missile on a residential area during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. The corresponding comment was published in the Telegram channel "Sputnik Near Abroad". According to the expert, the Iskander "was purchased largely as a deterrent weapon." “But missiles always have circular [probable] deflection. It is obvious that they fired at the military airfield [the second most populous in Azerbaijan] city of Ganja, but the missile fell on residential areas, ”the specialist said., - about it сообщает information publication "".

Experts, in turn, call the specified reason for the 6-kilometer miss "very funny"

“The deviation from the target by 6 kilometers for high-precision weapons, and indeed for any other, is just awful. In this case, it is impossible to talk about the effectiveness of this weapon at all, even taking into account the fact that the enemy could use electronic warfare means ", - emphasizes the specialist.

And the abovementioned smart people do not understand that the Iskander "missed" "in response" to the downed helicopter on October 16, while the helicopter was shot down in November, it seems, on the 9th?
What is this, foresight?

Well, yes, to strike at the peaceful and say that they missed ... The Armenians acted meanly, I do not think that the Azerbaijanis killed civilians in the NKR on purpose.

The 9M723 has an active radar seeker with a correlation mode for the terrain and the use of target standards, as on the Pershihg II UHF. But even without it, on one INS, it provides CEP up to 50 meters at a distance of up to 280 km. And with the final homing KVO 9M723 from 2-3 meters, up to 10-15 meters. At Tochka-U, the KVO, depending on the type of missile, launch range and other conditions, ranges from less than 10 meters to 300 meters.

They write some nonsense. For 9M723 of the Iskander-E complex, the KVO provides 50 meters by 280 km only on one inertial guidance system without using the seeker. How is it to be screwed up in preparation for launch, so that it flies 6 km in the other direction? Most likely, where they hit, they were aiming there. A kind of retaliation for the upcoming signing of a peace treaty.

The Armenians are lying, they specially sent Iskander to the center of the city of Ganja to kill innocent civilians.

Well, what are you talking about. In addition to the correct coordinates, it is necessary to correctly "tie" the RU. Much depends on the training of the calculation and a bunch of factors.

Smart people understand that the Iskander "missed" in response to a Russian helicopter shot down "by mistake". The next such "miss" by Iskander would have hit Baku, and the Azerbaijanis understood this perfectly.

This system shoots either at coordinates or at data from a spotter. In this case, they were shooting in the direction.

"the rocket should have hit." The author of the article is Armenian or what?)))

Do you really believe this? The message about the possibility of shooting down Iskander-E or such a miss is just a pitiful fake. Knowledgeable people smile with such nonsense.

Located 10,7 km from the city. Either it is not a rocket, but iron, or the Armenians launched it through the city.

It’s clear! With this logic "you don't need to be able to shoot" you can miss even by 6 kilometers! :-)

The escander lacks an accurate guidance system, it is quite logical that he missed by 6 km. Also samoems Tochka-U, she also misses a few kilometers. You don't need to be able to shoot with such a weapon, you just put in the coordinates and press the button.