Coronavirus infected flee from Russian hospitals

Infected Russians began to run away from hospitals, despite increased security.

Despite the emergency situation, due to the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia, infected citizens, despite the increased protection of medical facilities, run away from hospitals, spreading the infection among healthy citizens.

“A woman with confirmed coronavirus escaped from a hospital in Kommunarka. It is noted that after leaving the hospital, the woman went to her home. The patient managed to talk with her three neighbors before she was detained. Escaped neighbors will have to take tests for coronavirus. Sanitation will be carried out at the entrance of her house ”- сообщает Izvestia publication.

A similar case occurred in Moscow, however, a citizen infected with a coronavirus infection was treated at home, but left his home despite the existing ban, after which he was caught

“Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told how a city dweller was caught and sent to an infectious diseases hospital in the capital for two hours. He underwent outpatient treatment at home and left his home to take a walk. It is reported by TASS. According to the mayor, an extremely tight monitoring will be established for citizens undergoing outpatient treatment at home. “We will include for this all the technical and organizational means that the city has,” Sobyanin promised ”- about this with reference to the mayor of the capital сообщает "".

It should be clarified that before this, a case of unauthorized leaving a medical facility by a person infected with COVID-19 was recorded on March 16.

Wear a bracelet on your leg and track movements. For violation of the regime - a fine of 5000 r

Punish severely such people