Russians stuck in Dubai staged a riot at the airport

A conflict arose at Dubai airport due to many days of waiting for flights to Russia due to heavy rains that disrupted air traffic. Exhausted by the three-day wait, Russian tourists staged a protest, actively expressing their dissatisfaction and demanding an immediate return to their homeland.

According to witnesses, the prolonged delay caused significant dissatisfaction among passengers. For almost 30 minutes they chanted “Home!” and applauded, demonstrating their determination to fly home. The meeting participants shared that Emirates airline provided them with only one voucher for a meal at McDonald's, where, to their surprise, it turned out that the food had run out.

The situation at the airport remained tense as many passengers faced financial difficulties and uncertainty regarding the status of their luggage and departure times. Some even experienced fainting spells of hunger, adding to the general state of despair.

A police officer who arrived at the scene tried to record the situation, filmed what was happening on video and then left without taking any measures to resolve the conflict. This police action caused confusion and even greater indignation among tourists.



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