Aircraft IL-96


Completed design of the latest Russian aircraft IL-96-500T

The specialists of PJSC "IL" have completed the standard design of the new IL-96-500T

The specialists of PJSC "IL" (included in the KLA) is completing the development of the draft design of the IL-96-500T aircraft. This is a new machine with an enlarged fuselage, which will make it possible to transport oversized cargo. The plane will be used to transport parts of the Angara rocket to the Vostochny cosmodrome. Such information leads "TASS", referring to the presentation of the new aircraft, which is held by the company.

The cargo cabin of the aircraft has such a width and height that allow to transport the entire cargo having a UNG nomenclature (unique indivisible cargo), which is currently on the world market. This may be parts of the Angara rocket, and a manned spacecraft.

The new aircraft has an enlarged upper part of the fuselage (superstructure), as well as a folding head (just like the An-124 “Ruslan”). He has additional supports in the front and a retractable cargo ramp.

During the period from 2026 to 2034, PJSC Il plans to manufacture 16 Il-96-500T aircraft. Six cars will be handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense, four will be received by Roskosmos, the other six will be handed over to commercial customers.

One of the reasons for creating a new car was that not a single Russian aircraft with a large carrying capacity, including the Ruslan, is capable of transporting light, but overall, space technology products.

The aircraft is being developed on the basis of the already produced IL-96-400. And it saves both time and money.

From conceptual planning to serial production as far as the moon on foot in modern Russia.