Fights in Afghanistan


Taliban claiming victory in Panjshir lost another 250 militants overnight

Taliban terrorists are still unable to enter Panjshir.

Despite the fact that on Friday evening the Taliban terrorists (banned in Russia - ed.) Declared complete victory in the Afghan province of Panjshir, it became known that the resistance forces not only continue to fully control the region, but also successfully eliminate terrorists. So, according to the militia forces, in just one night, the terrorists lost about 250 militants killed - the latter could not even get through the first lines of defense of the Northern Alliance.

As evidence that the Panjshir is still controlled by the resistance forces, the Northern Alliance posted a video showing the ongoing fighting with the Taliban, as well as a view of the militia positions. This indicates that the Taliban cannot even enter the region controlled by the resistance.



It is known that the Taliban terrorists are actively using artillery against the resistance forces, but in the mountainous region the use of this weapon is extremely ineffective, especially given the lack of trained specialists among the militants.

A day earlier it became known that the forces of the Northern Alliance used their multiple launch rocket systems to destroy the advancing terrorist forces, firing about a hundred missiles at the Taliban.


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