“They clamped on both sides and kicked as they wanted”: the Russian Su-35 intercepted an American military plane after a provocation at the Khmeimim air base. Video

Two Russian Su-35 fighters intercepted the American P-8A Poseidon with a full set of weapons.

A few hours ago, a pair of Russian Su-35 fighters was lifted from the Khmeimim air base to intercept the American military reconnaissance anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon, which attempted to capture data on the quantity and composition of weapons at the Russian military airfield in Syrian Latakia.

Two Russian fighters were not only armed, but also made an unforgettable meeting for the American pilot, having flown to the US Navy aircraft at a distance of only a few meters.

In the photographs presented, you can see how Russian Su-35 fighters literally kick the American Poseidon, forcing its crew to immediately leave this part of the airspace. Moreover, at some points, the distance between the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the United States Navy was only a few meters, which, according to analysts, is the maximum approximation of Russian combat aircraft to an American aircraft.

In the United States, they have already made accusations against Russia, stressing that the actions of the crews of Russian fighters are unsafe and frankly provocative.

“For the third time in two months, Russian pilots flew in an unsafe and unprofessional manner, intercepting US naval patrol and reconnaissance aircraft P-8A of the Sixth US Navy.

On May 26, 2020, the US Navy P-8A flew in the Eastern Mediterranean over international waters and was intercepted by two Russian Su-35 aircraft for 65 minutes.

The interception was considered unsafe and unprofessional due to the fact that Russian pilots took a close position at each wing of the P-8A at the same time, limiting the ability of the P-8A to safely maneuver. The unnecessary actions of Russian Su-35 pilots did not comply with flight professionalism and the rules of international flights, and jeopardized the safety of both aircraft. While Russian planes operated in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible. We expect them to comply with international standards for safety and incident prevention, including the 1972 High Seas and High Seas Incident Prevention Agreement (INCSEA). Such actions increase the likelihood of collisions in the air.

This incident follows two unsafe interactions in April over the same waters. In all cases, American aircraft operated in international airspace in accordance with international law with due regard to flight safety and did not provoke this Russian activity. ”, - said the report of the command of the US Navy Europe and Africa.

It should be clarified that while flying near the Russian military base “Khmeimim”, the US is trying to get mainly information about the current situation at the Russian military facility, in connection with which Russia is trying to suppress such actions by the US military.

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