"Zelenogradsky Chikatilo" Yuri Gritsenko sent to SVO


"Zelenogradsky Chikatilo" Yuri Gritsenko sent to SVO

Yuri Gritsenko, known as "Zelenograd Chikatilo", a serial killer who hunted women in Moscow and the Moscow region, joined a special military operation (SVO). According to a SHOT source, Gritsenko has been serving in a medical evacuation platoon for about a year.

It was initially expected that Gritsenko would be released from Mordovian IK-10 this summer, having served his full 22-year sentence. However, he was released early in September 2023 and went to the Storm Z squad. Due to his health condition, 62-year-old Gritsenko was not accepted into the attack aircraft, but turned out to be suitable for a medical evacuation platoon.

Gritsenko voluntarily asked to serve in order to earn money for the first time in freedom, where he had nothing left. After the death of his mother, the non-privatized apartment in Zelenograd went to the state. Previously, he will serve until the end of the Military Military District, after which he will be released.

Gritsenko kept Moscow and the region at bay in the early 2000s. A former policeman, fired for drunkenness, committed his first murder in 1993, beating a prostitute to death with a frying pan. After nine years in prison, he was released on parole and began a series of horrific attacks on women, killing five and wounding ten. He was detained thanks to the bus driver, who intervened and held the criminal until the police arrived. Before the murders, Gritsenko was registered in a mental hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.


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